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General Liability

Practiced in partnering with insurance carriers, their insureds, construction companies, manufacturers and industry experts, Gillaspy Rhode Faddis & Benn LLC excels with timely liability analysis and damages evaluation, development of strategic resolution, trial preparation and jury selection strategy, and thereby achieve excellent results in a cost-effective fashion.

We pride ourselves in our ability to assist our clients, crafting efficient methods to quickly evaluate and resolve most lawsuits and claims. We have strong relationships with numerous insurance and self-insured companies and have experience with a panoply of matters:

  • Product Defect

  • Dram Shop

  • Broker and Agents Errors and Omissions 

  • Appellate Work

  • Uniform Deceptive Trade Practices Act Violations

  • Employers Liability

  • Subrogation Claims 

  • Property Damage

  • Forest Fire

  • Building Collapse

  • Seismic & Landslides

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